Null explores the near future of cloud powered devices. Rather than relying on individual computer processing power a majority of the computing is done on a cloud network. This new approach allows a more seamless approach to personal computing.


The 5G phone streams content off the Null servers with near zero latency.

Null (VR)

The Null headset introduces VR by softly transitioning consumers towards its potential by using a phone as the core of the system. Combined with the power of cloud computing Null VR is able to provide a high end experience on an already existing platform.


A periscope from the phone's two front facing cameras allow for eye tracking. There are also removable lenses for users who need a prescription.

Null (Phone)

The heart of Null VR is the phone. This device can serve all the current day to day function but also is geared up to create next-gen content. Null is equipped with its array of hand and room tracking sensors, as well as, stereo VR180° cameras, empowering a new way to capture and share your immersive moments.


Capturing moments in 3D will create a whole new dimension to media. The ability for a phone to capture, edit, and view 3D content will accelerate this adoption.

Null (Portal)

Null creates more than VR devices, it uses the same principals to provide a new easier way to approach personal computing. The Null Portal is a small device that allows anyone to access the power of the Null Cloud.


Programs, files, users, subscriptions are all stored in the cloud. All that is needed is a null compatible device or portal to access.
Whether you are on your phone or have a Null Portal connected to a screen, you can use all of your applications running at their full potential. No downloading applications or waiting for files to upload. Everything is instant and seamless.