Swatch Ski

Swatch has a long heritage of innovation and setting trends. Swatch Ski evolves this spirit to skiers. Their long time presence in the extreme sports community provide an incredible opportunity to expand into a new market.


Close up shot of a man wearing a ski helmet
Since their inception in the 80’s, Swatch has been sponsoring skiing events. With this name recognition they could easily transition into the ski market.


The Helmet is the centerpiece of the launch collection. Its vibrant monochromatic color is iconic to Swatch and the technical details are reminiscent of the precision of their watches.


The swappable lenses allow users to change the outer layer based on visibility conditions. Elastic straps provide a better way attach the goggles to the helmet.
A twist of the knob on the sides allows for adjustments to the airflow.

Cross-Body Sling

Designed for the piste skier. This crossbody bag integrates features unique to the needs of a trail skier. Just large enough to carry hydration, layers and a ski pass.


This shoulder slung bag allows a skier to access the bag easily while sitting on a chair lift.


This project does not represent the intentions of Swatch Group Ltd.