An approachable at-home strength building system. Designed to remove the stigma around strength training, Tón is an all-in-one way to make a stronger you.


Strength training has long been filled with large aggressive products that take up space and do not provide an inviting way to begin strength training.
Tón takes a new approach to strength training by creating an approachable system that can fit into anyone's lifestyle. The ecosystem invites anyone to become stronger.


Both dumbbell and barbell configuration can be set up. Buttons on the handles can change the weight and navigate the menus.


Tón can either be connected to a TV, to provide a fully guided workout session, or it can simply be used as a standalone device, controlled through the buttons and LED matrix on the handle.

Digital Spotter

This small device plugs into a TV and provides a real-time display of what to do and how to adjust lifting form to avoid injury.


Tón's low profile design makes it easy to live with. It can conveniently be placed out of sight.

Personal Trainer

Tón provides custom workouts based on your profile. A clone of you is displayed using a Style Transfer Neural Network, this abstraction tells important data about your form without distracting.


Your abstracted silhouette provides enough information for you to follow along while simple enough to not be a distraction.


Tón uses motors to simulate artificial gravity. This can adapt to a wide range of exercises, from squats to bench presses. Tón is able to provide a full body workout.



Housed within the simple looking mat lays a dense amount of technology. Two spindles modulate power to simulate weight. A magnesium chassis holds all of these components together.


Tón is powered by two electromagnetic spindles, which replicate varying weight through force and resistance.